Edith Frot-Pelletier


In the universe the vacuum is not empty, it contains all its energy.

For me, in sculpture the void resounds, I control nothing – or almost -.

I search, I clear, I let myself be guided. I am an explorer of sensations, of emotions, in the middle of this earth… This emptiness surprises me and fills me up, full of energy, of pleasure, of pain, of joy and so I advance like an ant towards the unknown…a new work?

I don’t always understand what is happening in this dialogue between me and this land so rich in the dust of the past, of our past, creating and recreating life in different forms, sometimes hard, icy, hostile, but also so soft and sensual. .

It’s a body to heart, a primitive contact that you have to experience, that’s all….

My first touches of the material, date from my childhood with my carpenter-artist father, who drew and worked wood with passion. I liked to go with him on construction sites, I liked to watch him create, I sanded with him this hot wood at hand.

Artistic creation and sculpture more particularly for me remain an enigma, a mystery, a strangeness, always leading me into a proposal and a reflection, making me question my limits.

The visible, the invisible invite themselves then… do we have to understand them?

Perhaps this is the mysterious origin of artistic creation?

Sculpting is not only representing a musculature, but helps to convey in a movement the passions, emotions that drive me, Art, Dance, Poetry of form. This transformation of the material offers a spontaneity of execution, revealing unsuspected volumes and movements.

My wish ?

To leave still inscribed here and there a few traces, humble and spontaneous, in this land so full of wealth.


I like to apprehend and work the raw earth, in a simple and primitive way, with my hands, a knife and a piece of wood doing the trick. I can also scratch it, streak it, tear it… but also graze it, touch it gently with pleasure.

Also, experimenting with different techniques, material effects… instability.

In fact, I adapt to my feelings, to the Subject that arrives, in a silent, abstract dialogue, without artifice, representing it without necessarily finding it or “succeeding” it.

Sometimes, I no longer see anything, what does this earth tell me, what does it want to tell me? no big deal, I go forward with joy and start again, letting go of my imagination, my sensitivity and above all my heart beat.